Profitable and eco friendly soot cleaning technology


Our sootblowing systems

Optimized steam soot blowing and infrasound cleaning.


Big-data operation analysis for investigating optimal operation of boiler and sootblowing systems.

CFD and acoustics

CFD modeling and expertise within noise and vibration.

Optimized steam sootblowing

Our solution offers reduced steam consumption or improved cleaning effect. The local controls on each soot blower enable more sootblower starts than any other solutions on the market. This is a unique advantage e.g for black liquor boilers that increase boiler availability by sootblowing more often in critical areas.

More about our solutions

Clean and green

With help from our soot cleaning solutions our customers have experienced both improved profitability and reduced emissions.

Cruise and cargo

We have 1000 installed systems on Marine applications. See info under the References page

Energy & Power

We have experience and references from a wide range of Industrial applications: Bio mass, Waste to Energy, Coal, Oil, Black Liquor Boilers and Process industry.

Increase Profits

To form a complete decision basis we assist new customers in identifying and quantifying all savings related to installing our systems.

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