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what can i earn. how does infrafone compare. how can i purchase

What can I earn?

Learn how others have increased their profitability in our Business Case and calculate your savings in our cost benefit calculator. The result will then be e-mailed to you for further reference.


How does infrasound work?

This is how the technology works. White Papers on how Infrasound works compared to other cleaning techniques. Case Studies with the results from our references.

How do I buy?

Click here to get a budgetary quote. Want to buy the solution as a service to try out without investing this year. Then read more about how Infrasound Soot Cleaning as a service works.

How Infrasound Cleaning Works

Creating customer value whilst designing a reliable and low operating cost system by sonic soot cleaning has always been a target we have striven to reach at Infrafone. Our continuous development efforts have allowed us to offer a completely automatic and simple way to prevent soot build-up in heat exchange surfaces to our customers. To understand the working principles of the Infrafone’s Sonic Soot Cleaner, click on the image below.

The Company

Our mission is to help our customers increase the efficiency, availability and longevity of their marine and industrial boilers using infrasound technology to prevent the accumulation and build up of soot deposits. By using infrasound technology, we offer soot cleaning solutions that create value through our unique knowledge and experience. With more than 1,000 installations worldwide, we are market leaders and experts in the field to “create value with infrasound.”